Friday, September 11, 2009

Dedication from Dushau Trilogy #1

To Andre Norton, for writing Star Rangers, a.k.a. Last Planet, but not the sequel I felt it desperately needed, and for not being mad at me for threatening her, as she stood among the lovely flowers in her front yard, that I'd do it myself.

To Jean Airey for hours spent on my back porch enthusing about Doctor Who until I lit up, too.

To Judy Bemis and the many fans who've gone out of their way to show me tapes of Doctor Who. You may not see the derivation of Jindigar from The Doctor, or you may feel it's spoiled by the admixture with Star Rangers, but to me, it seems Zacathans and Time Lords share the same Tailored Effects with Dushau.

To Don, Elsie and Betsy for the spark that lit the conflagration (and for a lovely breakfast at Chicon IV).

To Marion Zimmer Bradley, for introducing me to Russ Galen.

To Russ Galen, for temerity, perspicacity, and audacity, as well as finesse.

To Nansey Neiman, for sheer nerve.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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